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Parent Donations: How You Can Help

Hello Parents,

  We are already into second quarter.  Can you believe it? I wanted to reach out and first say thank you.  This is a crazy time and I know you all have much going on in your lives. I really do appreciate your willingness to check out this blog and remain engaged in what we are doing.  Also, thanks to those of you who have reached with concerns about your students. I am doing everything I can for them and it helps when you can tell me things you see that maybe I can't because I am not with them. Y'all the real MVPs! One way the Resident Student Leaders & RCs could use your help is through parent donations. In the past, parents have donated items to help the hall run smoothly and make programming better.  This year, we have found that students would really appreciate prizes at social programs and contest based programming.  If you would be willing to donate any of the following items for future programming, it would really help.  We understand in 1504 that Covid and other circumstances may not leave you able to donate items.  This is not an expectation, but it would benefit us greatly.  When a student wins an Item, we will mail it to them.  I have added a list below and have also linked an AMAZON Wish List.

  • Candy Bars or bags of Candy

  • Gift Cards (Steam, Subway, and Amazon have been some suggestions) 

  • Note Pads

  • Arts and Crafts Stuff - Advanced Coloring Books; Colored Pencils Crayons

  • A Small Lego Set

  • Rubiks Cube and other like items (4x4, Xcube)

  • Card Games (Uno, Phase 10, Deck of Playing Cards)

  • Hot Wheels Cars

  • Post It Notes and Highlighters

  • Other Items you know your student and their friends may like.  

If you are able and willing to donate, please ship items to the following address.   RC Josiah Payne 1500 Sullivan Rd Aurora, IL 60506 Again, anything can do would be of great help to us.  If you do donate and ship us a package, please shoot me an email so I know to watch for it..   Thank You! -- Josiah

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