• Josiah Payne

It's Been A While

Hello Friends!

It's been some time since we connected. I apologize for the long hiatus. I've been dealing with debilitating headaches that have caused me to avoid computer screens as much as possible. However I am on the mend and wanted to touch base with you all.

This semester has, so far, been a real roller-coaster of emotions. I was so fun to celebrate 1504's second consecutive Clash of the Halls victory. The guys worked incredibly hard during the competition and really managed to capture the sense of community we have tried to maintain despite having to interact on a strictly virtual basis. Following clash, I was excitedly preparing for students to return to campus and was absolutely crushed when it was announced they would not be coming back after all. Their presence here is sorely missed by the RC staff. As always I, and the rest of the RC's, will continue to do our best to support students no matter where they are. The news that the seniors will be returning to campus for the final week did a great deal to lift my spirits and I cant wait to have them here and get to hang out with them one last time.

Speaking of the last week, it is approaching very quickly. If you are the paren

t of a senior, please check in with them regarding their service hours. We want to make sure every senior has their required 200 hours logged prior to graduation. I will be checking for submissions daily from here on out to make sure that service hours are kept up-to-date.

Finals and APs are almost upon us. Students who are taking APs should check them against their finals schedule. APs take precedence, and finals should be rearranged as early as possible. Students should discuss this with their teachers.

As always, if you have any concerns regarding your student or questions about anything at all. Pleas feel free to reach out to me.

It remains a privilege to work with the young men of 1504C++ and it is my hope that each of them will finish this semester on a high note.

Be well and stay safe. I catch up with you again soon.



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