• Josiah Payne

Don't Forget to Vote!

Hello There!

Election Day is one week from today. The students will have the day off (and so will I, yay!) as we mark this incredibly important day for our nation. I encourage everyone to exercise their right and perform their duty as American citizens and vote. Wether you vote early, by mail, or in person, on the day itself, let your voice be heard in this election.

In this Thursday's programming we will be discussing the concept of 'Privilege'. Students will explore the privileges they enjoy, those they do not, and how they can use their privilages to benefit those who may not share the same advantages.

The juniors have been assigned to watch the film "I Am Not Your Negro" in preparation for next week's discussion of race, diversity, and inclusion and what those concepts look like in our school and our nation.

This Saturday is Halloween and, while we aren't able to host our annual campus-wide party this year, we can still cellebrate. RC John is holding a contest for 1504 students to see who can guess the costumes of the three 04 RCs based on a series of clues. There will be prizes! Additionally, CAB is hosting an all school costume contest and IMSA's Irish American Society is having a pumpkin decorating event.

That's all I got.

Until next time, Happy Halloween and don't forget to vote!


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