• Josiah Payne

Campus Openning, March Programs, and Clash!

Hello Parents, Friends and Family!

As we head into the month of March, I know many of you likely have questions regarding the reopening of the academy. At this time, I may not have all the answers you seek (but don't be afraid to ask). I encourage you to keep an eye on your emails and look out for further communication from the Student Life Department. There's a lot to process for everyone and I ask that you please be patient as we go through this process.

As for programming, there are two major programs for the month of March that bear highlighting. First of these programs will center around educating students on menstruation and the mestrual cycle and will take place on March 11th. The second, nn March 18th, will focus on teamwork and what good teamwork looks like.

In regards to social programming the 1504 RCs plan to have some game nights, streaming nights, live events, and a cooking night. Please encourage your students to come out to any social programs as it will help them build friendships and feel connected to the group.

Finally, Clash of the Halls is happening this year. However, we are doing it virtually over Zoom. For those who are new to the game, Clash of the Halls or COTH is a campus wide competition between the halls. Many of your students will be involved in various Clash related events. I encourage you to have a conversation about what those events look like and how they are contributing to their Hall community.

Thank you all for everything you do at home to make your students' success at IMSA possible and the support you give to us as a staff. You are the real MVPs!

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