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This will be my final blog post of the year as the semester winds down and we come to the end of the school year. It has been an incredible pleasure to work with your boys. I look forward to seeing our Sophomores and Juniors back at IMSA next year as Juniors and Seniors and watching them continue to grow as young men. Thank you all for the support you have given to this wing, the hall, and the students who live here. These boys are fortunate to have such great parents who are so thoroughly invested in their success both now and in the future.

To our Senior parents, I would like to extend my congratulations. You made it! Sending your kids off to school is no easy thing. You did it three years earlier than most and you have stuck by that decision and by your student through many ups and downs. Their success is your success and is something I hope you take pride in.

Before I sign off for the year, there are a couple of quick matters of housekeeping that I must address...

Finals week is coming up and with it comes move-out. Please remember that students must move out within 24hrs of completing their last final exam. I have sent a form to the students where they can sign up for check-out times. They should be communicating with you to coordinate on a time. If your student have not done so, please reach out to them.

Graduation is Saturday June 1st. All seniors and any underclassmen who will be participating in the graduation ceremony must complete check-out prior to leaving for graduation. The hall opens at 8am and our goal is to have the building clear by 11:30am.

All C-Wing residents must check out with me. And a parent must be present to initial the Room Condition Card at final check.

Once again, thank you all for a wonderful year. I still have some pictures on my camera that I've yet to have an opportunity to upload. Check back here over the next couple weeks as I will be posting them as I have time.

I wish you all a fantastic summer. I look forward to seeing many of you back again in the fall and wish the rest of you all the best as your student's head off to college.

That's All Folks!

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