• Josiah Payne

The End Is Near

We are in the home stretch. Graduation is but a month away and the end is near.

There's a lot to do as the year winds down with Prom on the 17th, finals approaching, and Senior Banquet on the 31st.

We also have our 1504 Senior Cookout on the 19th at 11am. It'l l be a great time of celebrating our seniors, their time here, and the bright futures they have ahead of them. I hope to see many of you there.

We had a great dessert date just before the extended weekend. It was pajama party themed. We put a bunch of mattresses on the floor and everyone sat, ate, and talked and had a great time. Pictures will be posted.

We have our big annual dinner and dancing date coming up on the 20th of May. We always have a nice dinner and my wife and I teach a dance lesson and then play some music and let the kids dance. It's always a great time and has become something that everyone looks forward to. If you are able to donate food, funds, or supplies to this event, please let me know. I know the boys will appreciate it.

That's all for now.

Until next time.

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