• Josiah Payne

Looking Ahead

Hello Parents,

I’d like to take this opportunity to peak ahead at some of the things 04C has coming up.

For starters, our April extended weekend begins on Thursday 4/18. Please make sure to pick-up your student (or arrange for someone else to do so) before 5pm on Thursday in order to avoid charges for picking them up late.

On Wednesday, just before extended, the boys are hosting a pajama party desert date. Everyone will bring a guest and we’ll all hang out, eat some treats, play some games, and have fun conversations.

We have several programs coming up over the next couple of weeks on topics such as self-care, fitness and nutrition, and what to expect when transitioning to college. These programs should prove to be fun and informative for our boys.

If you are the parent of a senior, no doubt you are aware that Prom and Graduation are right around the corner. Senioritis is beginning to set in for some and they may need some extra encouragement to stay on top of their work. Pleases help me encourage them.

Now that we’ve looked ahead, let’s take a quick look back…

On Thursday 4/4 a young woman from BELLAS (Beautiful Empowered Ladies Leading All), IMSA’s women’s empowerment club, came to our wing to talk about their annual period supply drive. The boys learned a little bit about Hesed House, the local homeless shelter which benefits from the drive, what supplies are needed, and why they are vital to the health of the women served by Hesed House. I you or your student would like to donate to the drive, you can bring tampons, pads, hand sanitizer, and/or sanitary wipes to 1504 and drop them in the donation box just outside of the RC office. Every item helps.

On a final note, you are all no doubt aware that IMSA has been addressing some issues regarding the use and possession of illegal substances on our campus. While these incidents only involve a very small number of IMSA students, we understand that that can have a profound effect on the student body as a whole. Know that we are doing everything in our power to provide a safe and substance-free environment for our students. We have engaged in discussion around this topic and I encourage you to talk to your student about it as well as we work together to help them make wise and healthy choices in the present and the future. If you have any concerns regarding this (or anything else) feel free to reach out to me.

I hope to see you all on Thursday when you come to pick up your students.

Until next time.

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