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SB Habitat Trip

Hello Parents!

Welcome back.

Most,everyone got a good rest over spring break. But a couple of our boys (Owen Michuda and Nathan Lee) went to Colorado to build homes with Habitat for Humanity. Owen has written a short blurb about his experience and has given me permission to share it with you. So with out further ado, Owen Michuda in his own words...

Every Spring Break, IMSA hosts a Habitat for Humanity trip to a site somewhere around the United States. For this year’s trip, our destination was Denver, Colorado. After devoting many weeks before Spring Break to preparing for the trip, our group of 20 students and 4 chaperones packed into two mini-buses to take on the 14-hour drive. Although most of the drive was spent catching up on some much-needed sleep, it was also one of the first real bonding experiences among the students. For me personally, I wasn’t too familiar with many of the other participants, so I was glad we had the chance to bond over everything from deep conversations to music preferences.

After finally arriving in Denver, we headed over to a local Church that would serve as our housing for the next week. Our living situation was a giant room almost completely void of any furniture and a cold, concrete floor; it was perfect. We blew up our air mattresses, bundled up in blankets, and enjoyed many movies and talks every night, preparing ourselves for the hard work that was ahead of us. As for food, the Church allowed us to use their professional-grade kitchen to make everything from butter chicken to tacos. I swear that making the food ourselves made it taste even better.

Our group was split up into two different sites; I was assigned to the Home Repair site. A large majority of the Home Repair was spent calking and painting the house, but there were also other tasks such as putting up a new fence and building a deck. I spent a huge part of my time on building the deck, which required me to learn how to use numerous power tools such as a circular saw and drill. Although the power tools were interesting, my favorite part was definitely pounding away at the stone with a sledgehammer to clear the ground. Each day was really tiring but also extremely satisfying.

When we weren’t working, we had the opportunity to explore the local area. On our free day, we traveled down to Colorado Springs and up Pikes Peak, a famous mountain of Colorado. I was stunned by the view; it seemed like we were on top of the world. It was truly a sight to behold and one I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. We also explored cute little towns such as Manitou and spent a lot of time shopping for souvenirs that would jog our memory of the time we spent in Colorado.

The end of the trip came way too soon, it felt like we had just arrived by the time we were leaving. Although I wish we could have stayed longer, I am grateful for the opportunity. Habitat for Humanity will always remain one of my favorite experiences at IMSA, and I would strongly recommend anyone interested to try it for themselves!

Thanks Owen!

And thank you all for tuning in. See you next time!

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