• Josiah Payne

Farewell February

It's strange. February is the shortest month of the year, and yet, it often feels like the longest. All the cold weather and overcast skies make time feel like it drags on. But here we are. February is over and we have spring to look forward to as March begins.

Clash of the Halls is next week and the boys are furiously putting the finishing touches on their entries to the various competitive events. It has been a lot of fun watching them all work together on their many projects and I look forward to sharing some of the finished products with you in my next blog.

We've had a variety of programs in our wing recently. The boy's learned some valuable techniques and skills for nailing job and college interviews in a discussion lead by our Wing Guides, Shaun and Sohil. We learned about recycling and what items can and cannot be recycled and why. And the Sophomores and Juniors got to learn exactly what it is that our Resident Student Leaders do in the halls. They will have opportunities coming up to apply for RSL positions over the next few weeks. If your student is looking to grow and develop as a leader, please encourage them to apply for a Wing Guide or Community Developer position.

Spring break will soon be upon us. Be on the lookout for information regarding the Spring Break closing over the next couple of weeks.

Sadly I was unable to snap any pictures of the last couple week's activities. :-(

However, I have posted those long promised baby pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Until next time.

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