• Josiah Payne

February Is Almost Over!

Seriously, this month has flown by. I'm not sure where it all went.

Preparations for Clash of the Halls, our annual cross-hall competition, are well underway and 1504 boys of 1504 are hoping to reclaim the trophy they lost last year to 1506. The students are preparing a variety of artistic entries to Clash's many competitive categories. These include painting a mural, choreographing and rehearsing a group dance, creating a talent showcase of various abilities, producing a movie, decorating the hall, and designing profile pictures and t-shirts. C-wing's Jonathan Gao is putting his design skills into creating the hall's profile pics and shirts and several others are involved in the many other activities. Clash is always a great time of coming together for our hall and the boys enjoy working together toward a common goal.

Harambee, the annual cultural show put on by IMSA's Black Student Union, is coming up this Sunday, March 2nd. Come support BSU and IMSA's student body and enjoy this presentation of traditional and modern song and dance centered around a powerful message. The show starts at 3pm.

Speaking of Cultural Shows, ASIA displayed their annual Lunar New Year Show on Feb. 2nd which featured performances by Jonathan Gao and Nafay Abdul along with Nathan Lee and Sohil Reddy. Photos and video are posted on the wing page.

We also (finally) held our dinner date on the 7th and it was a grand success. The boys treated their dates to fresh-cooked pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches as well as ice cream and a variety of snacks and sides. A big thank you to those who donated food to the cause.

Superbowl Sunday was eventful. Not so much for the game (which was pretty lackluster) but we did have a fun party and the hall colors for Clash were released. We are green. Thanks to everyone who donated food and snacks to the party.

This season continues to be a big one for illness. I have just recovered from a nasty stomach bug myself (hence this blog is later than usual). Please remind your students to wash their hands and practice good overall hygiene and to please contact an RC or the Health Office if they are feeling ill so that we can send them home and avoid the spread of disease on campus. We thank you for your help in this area.

That's all for now. Ill be in touch soon.

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