• Josiah Payne

It's Cold Outside!

It's been a cold week at IMSA. With wind-chilled temperatures dipping below -60 degrees Fahrenheit the boys have been hunkered down in the hall since Tuesday evening. At this point, I think everyone is getting a little stir crazy and is ready to return to their routine.

1504 finally got in their long planned cross-hall holiday gift exchange with the ladies of 1506. The students gathered in 1506 to enjoy hot cocoa, snacks, gifts and time spent together. Good times were had by all.

Don't forget, we have our Super Bowl party this Sunday (2/3) and are still looking for donations of chips, dips, veggie and deli platters, wings, pizza, and drinks. If you can provide any of these items (or gift cards or funds to purchase them), it would be greatly appreciated. We want to make this party as fun as possible for our residents.

Our dinner date (which was supposed to take place on Tuesday) has been moved to Monday (2/4). I am also still looking for food donations for as well. Please let me know if you are able to provide food or supplies.

IMSA's Lunar show is performing this weekend. Please come out and support the students who have put so much time and effort into this production. It's going to be a great performance!

Parent day is this Saturday. Feel free to stop by the hall and say hi while you are on campus. I would love to see all of your faces and get a chance to catch up and answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your student this semester.

Stay warm!

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