• Josiah Payne

Where did October Go?

Well this month just flew by!

The second half of October was pretty busy. Our seniors have been working feverishly on their college applications to the tune of some late nights and, I imagine, lots of caffeine. Given the pressure they are under we took some time to talk about stress relief and do some exercises to help them relax and and refocus.

We have begun what will be an ongoing discussion about developing a personal worldview statement and how one's worldview affects how they interact with and interpret life, people, and experiences. And how our experiences serve to inform and challenge out worldview.

Several of our boys accompanied me on a trip to Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America on Saturday. They had a great time hanging out together, riding roller coasters and, trying not to get scared by the creepy monsters, clowns, and other actors on the streets. I'm trying to collects some pictures from the kids who went and will post them when I have them.

This week features 2 key programs in IMSA's diversity curriculum for our upperclassmen. The seniors took part in Safe Zone training on Tuesday and the juniors will engage in a program called "I Am Not A Racist...Am I?" on Thursday. Both of these programs are designed to help students engage in healthy conversations about the nature of diversity, gain understanding of the experiences of diverse peoples, and be a part of promoting diversity at IMSA and beyond.

We held our annual Halloween party tonight and it was a huge success! The boys had a great time and students from all over campus came to join in the festivities. Thank you to everyone who donated food, snacks, candy, decorations, and supplies. We could not have done it without you!

Pictures to come.

I wish you all well as we head into November and am excited for the start of a new month.

See you next time!

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