• Josiah Payne

Welcome To Fall!!

Fall has officially arrived! I know this because I am now cold all of the time.

I hope everyone enjoyed their extended weekend. The boys seem to have returned refreshed and ready to jump back into their studies and various activities around campus. As always there is a lot going on. Here's a look at things that have happened and things to come.

Our 1504's sophomore residents recently took part in a program designed to refresh their knowledge of the various academic, social, and emotional support and advocacy programs IMSA offers to aid them in being successful at in both their work and their life. We covered topics such as peer tutors, study sessions, CACs, and Counselors, as well as healthy study habits always, if you discover that your student is struggling in any area at IMSA, please encourage them to reach out to the appropriate supports and feel free to contact me directly if necessary.

The Drama Club is in tech rehearsals for their upcoming production of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Our own Jonathan Gao will be playing the role of Lysander. Performances Fri, Sat, and Mon Oct. 19, 20, & 22 @ 7pm and Sun Oct. 21 @ 2pm. COme by if you are able to support Jon and the Drama Club.

We had a mini Halloween party with 1503B tonight and everyone had a blast eating candy, making TP mummies, bobbing for apples, and enjoying each others company. I will post pictures soon.

Speaking of Halloween parties...

1504 will be hosting its annual Halloween part on Wed. October 31st. If you are able to donate food, beverages, candy, decorations, or money to purchase any of these things it would be greatly appreciated. The 04 Halloween party is always a great time and our boys look forward to it every year.

I have posted some pictures I received of some of our boys playing in last month's Homecoming Varsity soccer game. Tonight the Varsity Soccer Team punched their ticket to the Regional Finals with a 3-2 win over Ottawa. They will play at Lemont at Ottawa Community Highschool at 11am on Sat. 10/20. This will be the Titans first ever 2A Regional Finals appearance. Please come support our boys if you are able.

That's all for now. I'm going to wrap up in a blanket with some hot tea now. See you next time and Happy Fall!

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