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October Extended Is Here!

Tomorrow evening kicks of our first Extended weekend of the year. This is a great opportunity for IMSA students (and staff). To relax and re-calibrate for the stretch run into first semester finals. And boy do we all need it after back-to-back weeks of Wing Wars and Homecoming.

Wing Wars provided a great opportunity for the boys to come together through some healthy competition. They competed with the other 3 wings in 04 in a variety of events including, an 'Iron Chef' style cooking competition, RC trivia, basketball, dodegeball, and a producing a wing movie. Though we place 3rd overall, C-Wing won the trivia competition and swept the other wings in the dodgeball tournament, with Xander Van Horn emerging as the last man standing in a down-to-the-wire match-up with B-Wing. Our wing movie was done in the style of a horror film with cinematography by Richard Jun, editing by Jonathan Gao, and appearances by Alej Curtis, Aabshar Ghassi, James Stuedemann, Akash Gandhi, Teja Gunitpalli, Shaun Bhurgri, and Yours Truly. I'll post it if I can get someone to give me a copy.

Homecoming was a blast with events and dress-up days throughout the week. Many C-Wingers enjoyed the annual Hypnotist show, Pep Rally, and Homecoming Dance. The Varsity Soccer Team, on which Sohil Reddy, Alej Curtis, Nathan Kim, Hasan Almousawi, and Nafay Abdul all play, won their Homecoming Game vs neighboring Aurora Central Catholic 3-0.

Our own Kyle Abend turned 16 on 9/17 and we had a great time celebrating with him and indulging in some cake and ice cream.

Now that October has arrived, 1504 is beginning to plan our annual Halloween Party. Stay tuned to find out how you can contribute to the festivities.

Don't forget to check out the photo section of our site for some pictures from our various events.

Have a great extended weekend. See you soon!

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