• Josiah Payne

Happenings In C-Wing

The boys have spent the last couple of weeks gearing up for Wing Wars, our annual cross-wing competition which begins Sunday. The wings will compete is numerous events including, "Iron Chef", dodgeball, basketball, Jenga, and video games like Mario Kart and Wii Boxing. Each wing will also create a short movie and a wing t-shirt design which will be judged by students and RCs from around campus. The boys compete for points and one wing is crowned winner at the end of the week. It's a great opportunity for the boys to get to know their wing mates a little better and build community by working together toward a common goal. We will post photos here on the website.

Our upperclassmen recently took part in a program, run by myself and B-Wing RC Dennsa Mohamed, centered around preventing bullying and hazing at IMSA. This is a topic we take very seriously as we strive to make IMSA a safe and welcoming place for all of our residents. We challenged the upperclassmen to be leaders in this endeavor, holding each other accountable for treating their fellow residents with respect and speaking up against bullying and hazing should they encounter it. I was encouraged to hear some thoughtful commentary from our C-Wing boys throughout the course of the program.

Homecoming is fast approaching. Look for pictures and videos from various homecoming events to appear here. Also, please consider coming out to the Homecoming soccer game @ 10am on Saturday 9/29. Several of our boys play for the Titan Varsity Soccer Team and I know they would appreciate your support.

Lastly, 1504 and C-Wing are looking for donations to help us run programs and acquire needed supplies. If you are able, please consider making a monetary gift to the wing or bringing an item that we need. A wish list of supplies will be sent out soon. Also please feel free to contact me if you would like to bring a meal for the wing.

See you next time!

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