• Josiah Payne

Shout out the the Graf and Baxamusa families for putting in the work and making this such a fun event. The boys had a great time!

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  • Josiah Payne

It's always nice to catch a little break in the middle of a busy semester. The campus is so peaceful when all the students are gone. And, as much as I love hanging out with your kids, have relished the opportunity to spend a little more time with my own.

I hope you all enjoyed having your students home over the extended weekend. It's good for the students to get a break from the IMSA grind and relax a bit. The boys seem refreshed after a few days off and ready to dive into the 2nd half of the semester.

Can you believe a quarter of the school year has already gone by? I feels like we just got started. There's a lot coming up now that we've returned from our short break. Here are some of the things 04C is looking forward to...

04 vs 05 dodge-ball - 10/17

The boys of 1504 will be facing 1505 in a friendly game of dodge ball this Thursday. 1504 has a winning streak going back a couple of years. The boys hope to continue that streak and reaffirm their place as the best dodge-ball hall on campus.

Wing Wars - 10/21-24

Every year the wings in 1504 engage in a week-long series of competitive events known as Wing Wars. Events include trivia, game night, movie making, and an Iron Chef style cooking competition. C Wing hopes to grab bragging rights as the #1 wing in 1504.

Halloween Party - 10/31

We are hosting our annual 1504 party on Halloween night. The party features food, candy, Halloween-themed music and movies, and spooky decorations. If you would like to donate food, candy or decorations for the party please let me know. Students come from all over campus and there are a lot of mouths to feed. Anything you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

I'll be sure to post pictures from our events as we go along. Don't forget to subscribe to the blog so as to get updated we they are posted.

Until next time!

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  • Josiah Payne

Homecoming week was a blast! The sophomore, junior, and senior classes competed in a variety of events including a Game Show, Fashion Show, Capture the Flag, and Pep Rally Drill. You can view the Pep Rally Drill performances by clicking here. The seniors walked away with bragging rights form the week of competition.

IMSA held our Homecoming soccer match on Friday 9/20 under the lights for the first time and the turnout was great! 04C residents Nafay Abdul, Edwin Alcantara, Hasan Almousawi, Nikita Elkin, and Nate Graf all play soccer for IMSA and represented their school well on Homecoming Night. I don't have photos of the game yet but I will post them when I do.

The Homecoming dance on Saturday 9/21 was the best attended it's been in years the students had a great time dancing and socializing throughout the evening. The theme of the dance was 'Starry Night'.

I was able to grab a few pictures at the dance and have posted them on the site. There are also a few shots from ISP 04C boys preparing for the dance.

On 9/26 several 04C boys attended Alma Latina's Salsa Night which was held in the 1504 Hall Commons. Alma Latina served quesadillas and soda along with Latin grooves and dancing. You can find pictures under the photos tab.

Coming Up...

The October Extended Weekend will be here before you know it. Students must leave campus no later than 5pm on Thursday 10/10. There is a $25 charge for every 5 minutes a student remains on campus after 5pm. If you need to arrange for someone else to pick up your student, please contact the 1504 RC office with the name of your proxy as soon as possible. Students my begin returning to campus no earlier than 3pm on Monday 10/14.

Until next time!

Josiah Payne

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