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This Thursday, in our weekly Student Life Programming, we will be talking to the sophomores about bullying and hazing. We will discuss how to recognize, report, and handle incidents of bullying and hazing and how to avoid engaging in harmful practices. We'll also highlight the unique characterisics and effects of cyberbullying and the importance of making our vurtual spaces safe places to be. You can download a pdf copy of the presentation we will be using on Thursday right here:

Bullying_Hazing Presentation
Download PDF • 120KB

Also this Thursday, the 1504 RCs will be hosting an event called "Dorm Stories" where we'll share accounts of funny and/or crazy things that we have seen and heard while living and working in residential education.

That's all for now.


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  • Josiah Payne

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Hi Everyone!

Due to a website crash, my initial couple of posts for this year were lost and, since I don't know if anyone saw them, I'm going to cram a lot of info into this one post. Please bear with me.

This blog will contain updates, announcements, and glimpses of what's to come for our wing as well and photos (whenever I can get them) and profiles of our students and anecdotes about their activities. I will do my best to bring you fresh content on a regular basis.

Our students participate in educational programming every Thursday from 2:30-3:30pm. Scheduled programs for the month of September can be seen below:

We also have social programs each week. This weeks program is called "Hotseat". Students will take turns fielding rapid fire questions from their peers, allowing them to get to know more about each other in a fun fast-paced environment.

I, along with 04C's excellent Wing Liason, Jaden Wang, am working on putting together a variety of options for our members to interact socially and I look forward to sharing them with you as we go along.

A few housekeeping items...

If your student will miss calss for any reason,  please inform the Attendance Office by phone (630-907-5029) or email ( If thet will be out of class due to an illness or injury, please also notify the Health Office by emailing  For extra credit, please CC me on these communications as well.   

If your child is on any sort of medication, please let Nurse Angie know what they are taking.   Knowing what medication(s) a student is on, and how it might affect them, goes a long way toward helping us provide appropriate support. It also helps us prapare for our eventual return to campus as meds will be dispensed to students through the RC Office.  If you have any questions or concerns about medication, please email Nurse Angie at

The Academy will be closed on Labor Day and the RCs will not be working. This is not typically the case as we usually have students on campus. Since the students are off campus this year the RCs have been given the day off. If you have an urgent need to speak with an RC on this day, please call the RC Office number (630-907-5401). The phone will be forwarded to an 04 RC. 

I think that's it for now.

Thank you for all you do!

Be Blessed,


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  • Josiah Payne

Hi Everyone!

Thanksgiving is almost here and that means you all get to take your students home for some quality family time. For the students, it means one more break before they start preparing for finals. For me and it means getting ready to welcome a new addition (Kathryn is ready to deliver any day now).

As we approach the Thanksgiving extended, I want to make sure we are all on the same page regarding our check out procedures and other concerns heading into the long weekend. This is going to be a bit long so bear with me.

For starters, as it has gotten colder, we've had some issues with bare feet violations and students not dressing for the weather. We could really use your help in positively reinforcing the need for proper foot coverings outside of the wing (i.e. wearing shoes, not just socks) and dressing for the weather. I have listed below the policies in regards to these issues.

The following is from the Student & Parent Handbook which can be found here.

  • Pants/shorts should cover undergarments and stay above the hips at all times. Hoodies are allowed, but hood must be down while in the main building.

  • Shoes are required in all areas of the campus except in a student’s assigned wing. Students should still wear socks or slippers in their wing if they are not wearing shoes.

  • Students will dress in clothing including covering arms, legs, and feet when outside in weather 32ᴼ or below (with or without wind chill).

Students who are dressed inappropriately will be sent to their room by any staff member to change clothes. The failure to return with appropriate dress will result in disciplinary action.

Also, from the expectations and guidelines that were passed out at the start of the school year, which I have attached:

Expectation: Cold weather attire- As per the handbook, all IMSA students are expected to wear clothing that covers the arms and legs and also closed toed shoes when the temperature is below freezing (includes wind chill). Other weather-appropriate attire will be required as necessary.

Consequence: Failure to wear appropriate clothing

1) Documented warning; call home

2) Behavior contract; call home

3) Violation sent to Associate Director of Student Life; call home

Expectation: Feet covered outside of wing- Everyone must wear shoes when walking outside of their wing.

Consequence: Feet not covered outside of wing

1) Documented warning

2) Sweep the hall commons

3) 3 or more violations, sweep and mop the commons

If your student is leaving before extended (November 26th), please let the RC Office know ASAP. One of you has already reached out and I appreciate it.

If your child is leaving on the downstate bus, please remind them to pack the night before and they have a spotless and organized room, so when they leave class we can check them out quicker.

Campus is CLOSED from 5 pm on November 26 and will NOT reopen until December 1, 2019 at 3 pm so make sure your student grabs everything they need. RCs will also be off for the Holiday so please do not ask us to reopen the Halls, as we will not be able to do so.


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

11:50 am – ATC Shuttle from 1501 [students must have clearance card from Wed night]

1:00 pm – 1504 Office opens for check-outs

1:50 pm – ATC Shuttle from 1501

1:55 pm – Last Class Ends for the Day (Students Report to 1504)

2:00 pm - Downstate Bus students MUST be checked out by this time

2:15 pm – Downstate Shuttle Boards

2:50 pm – ATC Shuttle from 1501

3:50 pm – ATC Shuttle from 1501

4:00 pm – Remaining student rooms checked and moved to the Hall Commons. Please

remind them they should be ready to be checked by 4 pm.

4:45 pm – 1504 Closes, remaining residents moved to 1501

5:00 pm – Campus is closed* - Happy Thanksgiving

* From the student/parent handbook: Any residents remaining on campus after the 5 pm deadline will be assessed a $25 fee for every 5 minutes until they are picked up. Please make sure you have plans to leave campus before then.


The residence halls will reopen at 3 pm on Sunday December 1st. Students are not permitted on campus until this time, so please do not arrive early as there won't be anyone to let you into the halls. Students should call the RC office upon their return so the RC can let them into the building.

A shuttle will be sent to the Aurora Transportation Center on December 1st, to pick up students taking the trains that arrive in Aurora at 4:15pm, and 7:45pm. Any other pickups from the ATC must be made on an individual basis with an outside transportation option. Student Life will not be able to pick up students at any other time that day.


Students need permission to leave on ATC shuttle or Uber, but do not need permission to return with ATC shuttle or Uber.

Please send them back with a winter coat if they do not already have one.

Thank You and , as always, please let me or another 1504 RC know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

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