• Josiah Payne

The end of the semester has arrived and the students are excited for their well deserved break. I know Covid has made the holidays a little tricky this year but I hope you will all find enjoyment in them and opportunities to celebrate with friends and family in some way.

This semester (IMSA's first ever fully remote semester) has been a unique and challenging experience for our students and staff as I'm sure it has been for all of you. The students have proven both resilient and adaptable and I am proud of what they have accomplished so far this schoolyear. I look forward to their continued success and, hopefully, the opportunity to see them in person in 2021.

Until then, I wish you and your families a blessed and joyous holiday season and a wonderful New Year.

- Josiah

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  • Josiah Payne

Welcome back everybody!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving .

We are so very close to the end of the semester and a nice long respite from the rigors of school for out students, staff, and faculty. Please join me in encouraging your students to finish strong as finals approach.

This week marks our final educational program for the semester. RC's John and Ethan and I will be facilitating a conversation for the entire hall about effective communication and communication styles. We have a fun activity for the group that involves students instructing RC John on how to make a peanut butter sandwich.

We are still looking for items that we can send out as prizes for some of our social programs. Please see my previous post entitled 'Parent Donations: How You Can Help' for more details on that.

Catch you again soon!


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  • Josiah Payne

Hi Everyone,

Thanksgiving break is next week! It's going to be a very different holiday than we are used to with everyone keeping their distance from each other but, I hope you all will find ways to make meaningful connections with friends and family and that we can all look back and find things to be thankful for in what has been a trying year.

This week's educational program will be run by our fantastic Wing Liaison, Jaden Wang. He will be talking the wing about proper nutrition and providing information they can use to develop a fitness routine at home. You can view a pdf copy of his presentation by clicking the link below.

Nutrition & Workout Program
Download PDF • 1.04MB

For our social event tonight, we are having a movie night. We'll be watching Christopher Nolan's 2010 Sci-Fi/Action hit 'Inception'.

You likely won't hear from me again until after the break so I just want to say that I am thankful for all of you and for the amazing young men in this wing. I hope you all remain safe and healthy over the break and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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