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  • Josiah Payne

HI Everyone!

We are halfway through November and Thanksgiving break is nearly upon us. Please remember that the hall officially closes at 5pm on Tuesday 11/20 and to make any necessary arrangements for your student to be picked up prior to that time.

I had the opportunity to take a couple of our boys on a service trip this week. Hasan Almousawi and Owen Michuda accompanied me to Feed My Starving Children this Tuesday where we packed food to be sent to impoverished, starving, and malnourished children around the world. Packing food at FMSC is always great fun and the boys were pleased to engage in an activity that brings lifesaving nourishment to children in need. We joined several other groups from around the Aurora area and together we packed enough food to feed over 80 kids for a year.

The boys had some fun Wednesday creating their own stress balls from balloons, flour, and rice. Stress balls are a great way to relieve tension and, for some, can help with focus issues during study. Sadly, I was unable to get any pictures as I was pulled away to deal with other matters. But trust me when I say that fun was had by all.

IMSA's Indian Student Association is putting on their annual Diwali show this weekend. IMSA's cultural shows are always a great time and I encourage you to come watch if you are able. Several of our 04C boys are involved in the production.

By now you will have all received an email from Dana Ginnett regarding some drug and alcohol related Items found hidden in the ceiling in 1504 B and C wings. I have already received numerous phone calls from concerned parents and I want to share with you what I know at this point. The items found in C Wing included some empty bottles of alcohol, an empty vape box, and a homemade bong fashioned from a plastic beverage bottle. I have yet to receive a report on the items found in B Wing. At this time the ownership of these items has yet to be determined and no action is being taken against any resident of 1504. The 04 staff are keeping our eyes and ears open for any suspicious activity and any information pertaining to the possession, use, or distribution of substances related to these items. We will be having conversations with students centered around substance use and abuse and the impact it can have on their health and future at this stage in their life and encourage you to have your own conversations at home in whatever way you see fit. We will also be asking students to share any information they may have related to our findings. Students are often reluctant to share this kind of information with an RC because they don't want to make trouble for their friends. The safety and health of our students is the top priority of the 04 staff as is addressing unsafe and unlawful behavior and removing potentially dangerous substances from our community. If your student shares with you anything that may help us in this endeavor. please pass it along to an RC. Know that we are doing everything we can to protect the well-being of your children and help them to make wise, safe, and healthy choices.

To end this blog entry on a high note... As you know my wife Kathryn and I are expecting our second child. Kathryn's due date is December 1st but we expect that she could deliver any day. Once the baby arrives I will be stepping away for a while to help care for Kathryn and the baby while she recovers. I will return to RC duties on January 16th, following Intercession week. My fellow 04 RCs, John, Dennsa, and Marshall, will be looking in on the boys in my absence and continuing to provide them with support. Feel free to contact them if you have needs, questions or concerns. Our fantastic Wing Guides, Sohil and Shaun, will take over the wing blog and keep you updated regarding the goings on in C-Wing during this time. I am incredibly excited and can't wait to introduce you all to the newest member of our wing family.

Hopefully I will get a chance to see many of you when you come to pick up your students for the extended. As always, feel free to contact me with any thought or questions.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  • Josiah Payne

Well this month just flew by!

The second half of October was pretty busy. Our seniors have been working feverishly on their college applications to the tune of some late nights and, I imagine, lots of caffeine. Given the pressure they are under we took some time to talk about stress relief and do some exercises to help them relax and and refocus.

We have begun what will be an ongoing discussion about developing a personal worldview statement and how one's worldview affects how they interact with and interpret life, people, and experiences. And how our experiences serve to inform and challenge out worldview.

Several of our boys accompanied me on a trip to Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America on Saturday. They had a great time hanging out together, riding roller coasters and, trying not to get scared by the creepy monsters, clowns, and other actors on the streets. I'm trying to collects some pictures from the kids who went and will post them when I have them.

This week features 2 key programs in IMSA's diversity curriculum for our upperclassmen. The seniors took part in Safe Zone training on Tuesday and the juniors will engage in a program called "I Am Not A Racist...Am I?" on Thursday. Both of these programs are designed to help students engage in healthy conversations about the nature of diversity, gain understanding of the experiences of diverse peoples, and be a part of promoting diversity at IMSA and beyond.

We held our annual Halloween party tonight and it was a huge success! The boys had a great time and students from all over campus came to join in the festivities. Thank you to everyone who donated food, snacks, candy, decorations, and supplies. We could not have done it without you!

Pictures to come.

I wish you all well as we head into November and am excited for the start of a new month.

See you next time!

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